General Track | Workshop Submission Guidelines​


Workshop Submission Guidelines: 

  • Speaker Submissions ARE NOW OPEN until Sunday, August 14, 2022

  • Speakers will receive a discount code to share with their network and will receive 25% of each ticket sold with their unique code. In addition, each speaker will receive a VIP Ticket to attend the conference.

  • Only COMPLETED submission forms will be considered

  • Submissions may either be presentations or panels

  • We encourage interaction and group strategizing

  • ALL speakers and panelists MUST be contacted and fully committed to being part of Afros & Audio Podcast Festival 2022 by the date of submission; all submissions must have ALL presenter information completed. Any changes in presenter information must be communicated before Friday, October 3, 2022

  • The Planning Committee will deliberate and vet submissions throughout the months of August and September.

  • Accepted and declined submissions will be determined by or before Sunday, August 28, 2022.

  • If your workshop has been accepted, various confirmation emails will be sent to confirm the time and date of your workshop. Please consider any and all conflicts you may have in the future. WORKSHOPS WILL NOT BE SCHEDULED UNTIL CONFIRMATIONS ARE MADE

  • Any and all workshops that have NOT provided final confirmation by Friday, October 10, 2022, will be removed and workshops on our Wait List will be contacted

We are seeking Podcast Creatives, Leaders, and Experts for our 4th annual Afros & Audio Podcast Festival. This two-day festival will enhance industry knowledge, encourage community and collaboration, and highlight our presence and growth as podcast creatives as we continue our work in the Podcast industry. Our festival is for people of the African Diaspora of all ages, gender, sexuality, and spiritual beliefs.


Please see the workshop topic suggestions under each of the headings below. You will be able to submit your proposal when our form goes live in November.


PODCAST FUNDAMENTALS Expertise that focuses on:

  • Industry Best Practices

  • Podcast Hosting Platforms

  • Audience growth & engagement

  • Content & Storytelling

  • Interviewing

  • Recording Technology, Hosting Platforms, Production Equipment and Software

Scripted Show Expertise that focuses on:

  • Audio/Sound Engineering for Fiction Podcasts - Editing, music/soundscaping/ambiance, and SFX tips, etc

  • Marketing/Audience Development for Fiction Podcasts - Audience growth & engagement

  • Audio Script Development, including Success tips for writing, producing, and directing a scripted show

  • Storytelling skills - Character Development & Dialogue for Audio

  • Voice Actors - How to become a voice actor, readings and auditions, talent marketing, and securing roles.


TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE workshops that focus on:

  • Research, theory, case presentations, practice innovations, and best practices

  • Software and Equipment fundamentals and pro tips

  • Recording and editing quality content

  • Recording on a budget

  • Remote and mobile recording tips

  • Podcast hosting, etc.

  • Newsworthy and Industry Trends in 2022 and beyond


INDUSTRY LEADERS that focus on:

  • Legal issues and strategies for working with or against biased industry policies

  • Current and ongoing challenges to equity and access

  • Increasing Podcast Influence

  • Message & Content Development

  • Building & Maintaining host-listener trust and loyalty

  • Reaching your target market

  • Brand values and authenticity


PROMOTIONS & MARKETING workshops/discussions that focus on:

  • Best practices and resources for supporting Podcasters of Color

  • Legal perspectives on building and sustaining a podcast business

  • Increase listeners and generate opportunities for collaborations, opportunities, and sponsorship

  • Gain subscribers, get reviews, and measure growth

  • Automated and easy-to-use data capture

  • Increase value through live events

  • Affiliations and sponsorship

  • Increase listeners through social media and email marketing


MONETIZATION workshops/discussions that focus on:

  • Earn advertising revenue based on current and relevant Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards

  • Different ways to monetize: crowdfunding, sponsorship, product/partner affiliations, merchandising, hosting live events, and more.

  • Insider knowledge for profit opportunities

  • Increase your host-listener relationships to secure sponsors.

DIVERSITY, REPRESENTATION, & VISIBILITY discussions that focus on:

  • Identify opportunities for podcast representation and visibility

  • Address issues of access, resources, equity, marketing, and more

  • Collaborate with businesses and guests that align with core values and message

  • Disrupt and standout in the ever-growing podcast industry

  • Capture ideal demographic listeners

  • Create opportunities within the community

NICHE PODCASTING that focuses on:

  • How to discover your niche and create content

  • Content sustainability

  • What makes niche podcasting successful

  • Building an audience and/or community

  • Brand partnerships


  • Producer/Director/Editor/Audio Engineer/Podcast Studio Owner/App Creator/Social Media Strategist

  • Freelance marketing, pitching, and how to create a successful portfolio/demo reel

  • Understanding market rates and demanding your worth

  • How to begin an audio professional career

  • Audio professional career benefits/down-sides/challenges/wins

Interdisciplinary workshops

  • Workshops that focus on any of the above, as well as all other topics within your areas of expertise.


Once you speak at an Afros & Audio Podcast Festival you'll wonder why it took you so long to join the movement. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a major part of the 4th annual Afros & Audio Podcast Festival by submitting to become a speaker today. We look forward to reviewing your exceptional proposals!