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Afros & Audio Ambassador Program

When it comes to the podcast industry, Afros & Audio stands on our core values of community and collaboration. Through our unwavering commitment to Black podcast creatives and audio professionals, we aim to increase the active podcasts hosted and produced by Black creatives and professionals in the global podcast market. 

Our brand ambassador program is intended to:


  • Encourage Black podcast creatives and audio professionals to join us at our annual podcast conference.

  • Educate and promote aspiring podcasters on the viability of the industry.

  • Cultivate beneficial relationships with podcast-related platforms, services, and products that share our commitment to amplifying Black voices, stories, experiences, and perspectives.


Afros and Audio aims to be a mainstay in the podcast industry and a catalyst to increase Black listenership and the active podcasts hosted and produced by Black creatives and professionals in the global podcast market. 


By building meaningful partnerships, together we can raise the visibility and value of our event and community, which will hopefully inspire others to join us on our mission for equity and fair opportunities in podcasting.

If you identify with our goals and values and think you'd be a good fit to join the Afros & Audio team, apply to become a brand ambassador.



  • Monthly Blog Posts, Social Media Stories, or Reels

  • Weekly Social Media Engagement across platforms

  • Commitment to promote the Afros & Audio Podcast Festival, workshops, meetups, brand, and mission


  • Repost and Tag your social media/Brand for any approved content on our social media channels

  • Pay a monthly stipend of 15% for each ticket sold with your unique Ambassador Code

  • Automatically enter you in monthly Influencer-only prizes (i.e. Merch, gift cards, Event All-Access Passes, relevant opportunities, etc.)

  • Free admission to the 5th annual Afros & Audio Podcast Festival


Afros & Audio will provide clear brand guidelines, code of representation, and expectations, and ensure AMbassadors have comprehensive knowledge of Afros & Audio's Origin Story, Founder's Story, and our mission.

The Top Two Influencers Will Recieve

  • Free VIP admission to Afros & Audio's Podcast Festival (in-person)

  • Hotel accommodations for the conference weekend (25% of travel to and from included)

  • Free 1-year membership to Black Podcasters Association

  • Free 1-year access to all in-person and virtual training and meetups

We encourage anyone who believes in the mission of Afros & Audio, is committed to community and collaboration, cares about the podcast industry and the needs of Black creatives and professionals, and is open-minded, non-biased, and dedicated to inclusivity and accessibility to apply to the brand ambassador program.

Brand Ambassador Application
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