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Accessibility guide for in-Person & Virtual  Attendance

Language Access: Closed Captioning is available for all virtual sessions. 

Our Host Hotel will be a fully accessible venue and additional services can be made available upon request.

ASL interpretation will be available for sessions upon request. All virtual sessions will have automated captioning. Sessions already scheduled with access supports will be indicated on the session schedule. To request ASL interpretation for sessions, please send an email to by September 1, 2023. We will do our best to fulfill any day-of requests. 

COVID-19 Policies

Masks are strongly encouraged for all in-person events hosted at Warwick Rittenhouse square hotel. Please note that the conference will adhere to any Philadelphia, PA city and state restrictions or regulations at the time of the event. Stay tuned for any updates to this page.

Visit the Accessible Baltimore Guide for info on traveling and things to do while in the city.

Inclusivity guide for Afros & Audio

Afros & Audio is an inclusive community and promotes respect for all individuals who attend our conference, join our community, and any and every experience and/or Interaction in between.


Attend another event or Join another community if you identify with being:







A Misogynoir





Anti-Black American (Nuanced but IYKYK)

Afros & Audio is Anti-Bigotry of any kind and will never exclude anyone who doesn't exclude us. There are plenty of Spaces and places where bigotry, Prejudice, and Biases are tolerated and encouraged - go there.

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