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Speaker Bios


Diversity Within

Janvieve Williams Comrie is an African descent human rights strategist, trainer and organizer from Latin America with a deep commitment to assist in the building of powerful social movements for racial justice and human rights. She has worked in a variety of fields and for several human rights institutions, including the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights Regional Office Central America, where she coordinated a regional program on race and racism. Janvieve is internationally recognized for her work with Afrodescendent communities. She is also an Associate Professor at The New School,  and mother to two amazing children and lives in the Bronx New York.


Jerry ThompSon III is an adventurer, podcaster, and entrepreneur. Raised in Media, PA, he first got a taste for global travel while living abroad in Paris, France from 2014-2016. In 2018 he created his podcast, Point Noir, which strives to inspire and equip men of color to journey and experience the world for themselves. In addition to highlighting a new guest each week, the show sponsors a man of color to get his passport each month.



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Stephanie Williams is a native of Baltimore City, a proud Towson University graduate, a beloved daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She is a gifted singer, keen observer and someone who always stands up for what she believes in. For fun, she hones her exemplary make-up, event planning and design skills. She works as an administrative professional in the private sector until she can be a full-time podcaster or work with the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles or Baltimore Ravens…whichever comes first.

Tyrell Connor is a native of New Jersey. He received his B.A. in Psychology from, Hampton University (also known as “The Real HU”) in Hampton, VA. Then, he continued to pursue his doctorate in Sociology, specializing in Law & Society, at Purdue University. Tyrell is currently an assistant professor in the Sociology Department at the State University of New York – New Paltz. Currently, he is the director of the Criminology Concentration within the department and a member of the university’s Diversity & Inclusion Council. Tyrell’s research primarily focuses on the impact of race within specialized court programs. Outside of the academy, Tyrell remains actively involved with the local community.


He runs a bi-weekly group in Newark’s community court with college-age formerly incarcerated men of color that focus on ways we can improve our communities and ourselves. Additionally, he created and co-hosts a podcast, Black & Highly Dangerous (BhD), which aims to bridge the gap between academia and The People by interviewing various scholars, professionals, and activist that focus on issues involving people of color. Tyrell plans to continue a research agenda that promotes criminal justice reform for people of color while remaining actively involved and engaged with local communities.  


Podcast A-Z for New & Aspiring Podcast Creators


Latrice Sampson Richards is a mental and emotional wellness creative, Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life-Enhancement Coach for Black women who are ready to heal from our past so we can build a future we deserve.  She is the host of Unicorns Talk Podcast, a weekly girl-talk about Black women our healing and manifestation; and the founding ditor of TheBlackUnicornProject.com, an online community center committed to the celebration of Black culture and well-being.  Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Latrice is an internationally known transformational speaker, teacher, and healer.  She is a wife, PCOS fighter, aspiring mother, and entrepreneur.


Andre Herring is a Black Queer Millennial residing in New York City as a Nonprofit Fundraiser. In his 5 years in the philanthropy sector, Andre has raised funds for some of the country's most notable organizations empowering the LGBT community, refugee rights, and racial justice. Despite excelling in fundraising, he grew disheartened by the lack of diverse representation among his peers and leadership. In response, Andre searched for answers to combat micro-aggressions and the disconnect in experience within the workplace. As he could not find solutions to fit his specific experience as a millennial of color, Andre created the Comp Day podcast. This platform uplifts the voices and narratives of young professionals of color. Almost a year later, Andre proved that if there is a change you want to see in this world, you must become that change! Andre is an alum of the State University of New York at Geneseo.

Merlyne Jean-Louis is the founder and owner of Jean-Louis Law, P.C., a New York-based law firm that focuses on business and entertainment law. She provides counsel and guidance to content creators, social media influencers, and creative entrepreneurs during every step of their business journeys.


A dance law commentator, Merlyne has discussed copyright law as it relates to choreography on CBS, the podcasts NPR’s Marketplace Tech and POPLAW, and The Verge. She also has been featured on the podcasts Practicing While Black and Modern Mogul HQ.


Merlyne obtained her J.D. from the Duke University School of Law and B.A. cum laude in Psychology and French, minor in Pre-Business Studies from New York University. For more information about Merlyne and her practice, visit www.jllaw.net.


Carlyn Crawley, based in Washington, DC, is founder of the Femtourage, a global network of bad b*tches on the road less traveled. She is also host of the Femtourage Podcast and an avid traveler.


On one of her many trips. Carlyn was wondering through a less touristy party of Singapore. Many locals had never seen a Black person previously and pointed, laughed, and stared as she walked by. She decided that she wanted to keep traveling until it wasn’t rare to see African Americans traveling anymore. She wanted to create a safe place where women who love to travel could meet like-minded women.


Carlyn launched the Femtourage Online, to connect women directly with each other and initiate engaging dialogue. Recognizing that travel & entrepreneurship require a certain level of fearlessness, she also launched the Femtourage podcast to highlight stories of women who have pursued their passion.


In addition to managing the Femtourage, Carlyn is an internal  consultant for a global nonprofit. She is a graduate of Hampton University and dog mom to Kingsley.


Ego ∞ Soul Integration: Defending Your Authentic Voice 

Dubbed “The Samuel L Jackson of Self-Improvement”, Lit Life Coach x MF Monk Alonzo “ActionMF” Jackson is a life coach, spiritual advisor, and leadership development expert who has dedicated his entire being to helping people to “live life lit”.  


Lit is the state of being when you’re shining at your brightest cuz your living your truth and passion.  Lit is being your authentic self, intentionally affecting the vibe around you with your own.  You become like a miniature sun when you live like this, emitting joy and happiness with your very being and becoming powerfully attractive and influential.  Authentic leadership development is all about creating leaders that lead from the heart and shine like the Sun!  It’s all about Truth, Light and Trill Shit round these parts!


Aside from being the Lit Life Coach x MF Monk, Action is a 2x best-selling fitness author, NASM certified personal trainer and fitness personality, branding and positioning consultant, social media marketer, actor, brand ambassador, emcee/event host and former Disruptive Design Lead for Leadership Masters, a company that develops leadership development programs for Fortune 500 companies (they don't call him ACTION for nothing)!

Connecting the Diaspora through Podcasting


Cordaro Johnson (a.k.a CEOHaize) is the Host & creator of “The Awakened Soul”, “Love Lust & BadAss Soul” & Owner of The B.R.E.A.K.S. Media. He is a father whose motto is “God, Family, and the Chicago Bulls”, he definitely gives it to you straight...NO CHASER.

Currently residing in Columbus, OH, Haize grew up in Vicenza, Italy but spent most of his life in St. Louis, MO. He is always up to talk all things sports, tv/film, and soul music. 


Yorm Tagoe (née Ackuaku) is the founder of esSense 13, a platform dedicated to raising the profile of African food globally through interactive online and offline experiences.


Since its inception in 2014, esSense 13 has hosted several events  including the African continent's first food hackathon, food business pitch competitions and dining experiences in Accra and London. In 2018, Yorm launched 'Item 13: An African Food Podcast', an audio production of esSense 13 that celebrates the stories of African food entrepreneurs around the world.


A former CPA, Yorm graduated Magna Cum Laude from Marquette University with a BS in Accounting and Information Technology. She holds an MBA degree from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and has lived and worked in the U.S. for over 10 years, with work experience in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Yorm is currently based in Toronto.


Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown is a Jamaican born New York City-based Caribbean influencer and founder of Carry On Friends The Caribbean American Podcast. It is the award-winning platform for Caribbean Americans that understands BOTH cultures. It is where the unique reality of being a Caribbean American is explored and celebrated. Carry On Friends has been featured in Apple Podcasts and has the distinction of being the only show that specifically targets the Caribbean American audience.

She is also the founder of Breadfruit Media a podcasting company that provides strategy, show development and production of stories by Caribbean Americans on a variety of topics reflecting the diversity of experiences of the Caribbean’s global diaspora.


Kerry-Ann has been a speaker at Podcast Movement, Haiti Tech Summit, Caribbean Digital Divas and various career, entrepreneurship, podcast, and Caribbean culture panels.


At the intersection of storytelling and technology is Wize Grazette. As a Tech Entrepreneur and Teaching Artist, Wize has taken his expertise from roles in the United States and Barbados to storytellers and their listeners across the world. With a personal mission to educate creatives on how to use their skills for economic growth, Wize founded The Indie Creative Network, an Association and Media platform for Digital storytellers to bring a community of podcasters from the African Diaspora together with the resources and relationships necessary for success.

As he creates and drives initiatives to produce and distribute our members' shows, Wize participates in various panels, workshops, and events to help develop opportunities for new storytellers to grow and become educated in the power of their story when it meets the right technology


No One Hears What You Don't Say

Damien L. Butler is the founder of Manifest One Empowerment Group, an organization for and about developing successful young people. He is the host and creator of  Tuesdays and Thursdays the Podcast! A series of leader development talks that help you create meaningful and successful routines and habits.

Through a career of serving others, Damien has gained valuable experience as a teacher, coach, leader, and friend.  He has two decades of military service, has taught at the university level and in the public school system, coached recreation leagues up to the college level, led Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Manifest One Empowerment Group's vision is Real Mentorship with Real Answers for Real Questions towards Real Success!


Recording a Live Podcast with Remote Host

Denese Duran discovered her passion for podcasting in 2011 by becoming one of the hosts of a show called "Sexaholics" on Indie Republic Network through MMERADIO. Her experience in writing comedy skits, music commercials editing into a 2-hour live show all talk & comedy. A year later joined an ensemble cast of another show through MMERADIO where she hosted/producer interviewed Independent Artist, created topics and premiered the latest music. After three years of hosting and producing she began working on establishing content podcast shows and organizing the operations side of the Podcast Radio Network TheLovezoneusa.com. Almost six years later Thelovezoneusa has over six podcast shows on the network and total listener-ship of 334k listeners to date and is responsible for securing guest, topic, content and making sure all shows are running smoothly.

Ann Smith is a lover of food, travel, and podcasting. She has been working as a Production and Marketing Assistant for the The Love Zone USA Radio channel since September of 2017. Smith is the Producer for the show "The Girlfriend Network", a show about self-care, women empowerment, love, relationships, and hot topics. Since working with the channel, she has come up with topic ideas and brought on guests such as "The First Purge" Actor Jermel Howard and Teri Johnson, CEO & Founder of Harlem Candles Co. She is finishing up her Bachelors of Science in Finance from Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey.


Business of Podcasting

Desiree Talley and Tyrone Scott, the hosts of POPLAW podcast, are two New York City based entertainment and media attorneys. Their show, POPLAW, is a pop culture and entertainment law podcast that highlights the latest in courtroom drama, contract disputes, and infringement claims between celebrities, laypeople, and major corporations. The show has featured criminal and entertainment attorneys, music executives, marketing experts, entrepreneurs, PR reps, and fellow podcasters.


With over 10 years of combined experience, Desiree and Tyrone have held various legal positions in the media, music and television industries, working at such companies as Pandora, Vevo, truTV, BET, and Viacom. Desiree is also the founder and principal of Talley Law Group PLLC.


They have many interests and passions outside of the law. When not consumed by media, Desiree is studying real estate and interior design while badly singing, speaking on an array of panels, attending live concerts, and planning her next exotic getaway. Tyrone can also usually be found cooking three-course meals from scratch, composing music for his Custom A Cappella clients, or reading a new book.


Desiree is a graduate of Hampton University (The Real HU) and St. John’s University School of Law, while Tyrone is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Law, and has bachelor degrees in both music and economics from Tulane University.


Steven G. Fullwood is an archivist, documentarian, and writer. He is the former associate curator of the Manuscripts, Archives & Rare Books Division at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. He founded the In the Life Archive in 1999 to aid in the preservation of materials produced by and about LGBTQ people of African descent. In 2018, Fullwood co-founded The Nomadic Archivists Project, an initiative to establish, preserve, and enhance collections that explore the African Diasporic experience. His most recent publication Black Gay Genius: Answering Joseph Beam’s Call (co-edited with Charles Stephens, 2014) is a community’s response to the love and legacy of activist Joseph Beam.


As part of her efforts to address the under representation of black legal professionals and advance the progression towards a more inclusive legal profession, Attorney Delania Barbee founded and hosts the Practicing while Black podcast, which shares the experiences of black attorneys in the U.S. and provides career strategies and inspiration. In her own career, Attorney Barbee serves the legal needs of businesses. She has gained significant experience in assisting clients with engagements involving intellectual property, including licensing. Attorney Barbee began her legal career in the Corporate Law Department of a Fortune 500 company and later transitioned to private practice. She received her B.A. cum laude from Smith College and her J.D. from the University of Connecticut School of Law. She is licensed to practice in both Connecticut and Massachusetts.


Janice is the host and organizer of The Get Your Podcast Started Virtual Summit. An online summit for women by women, who are doing it for themselves and don't have a huge team to hand off to. She helps entrepreneurs set up systems to create, run and grow their podcasts so they go from just another overwhelming  project to take on to a process driven lead generator that integrates seamlessly into their business while helping to grow their brand.   


She is also the founder of The Career Introvert where she coaches introverted women to excel in their career and business. Her main goal is to create resources that support introverts in their business and career goals. She hosts the podcast The Traveling Introvert which is a five minute solo podcast, where she talks about running businesses, traveling and being an introvert. On top of all of that she is also an author of two books on introversion.


Miranda Mims is the Special Collections Archivist for Discovery and Access and Curator at the University of Rochester, currently working on a new initiative to broaden collecting areas for the Department of Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation (RBSCP) around activism, human rights, and social justice in the Greater Rochester, NY region. She is also the co-founder of the Nomadic Archivist Project (NAP), an awardee of the Society of American Archivists Foundation (SAAF). NAP is an initiative that documents and preserves the African diasporic experience. Mims is formerly an archivist in the Manuscripts, Archives, and Rare Books Division at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and at the Department of Semitic and Egyptian Languages and Literature and its Institute of Christian Oriental Research (ICOR) at Catholic University.


From Overwhelmed to Organized

Janice is the host and organizer of The Get Your Podcast Started Virtual Summit. An online summit for women by women, who are doing it for themselves and don't have a huge team to hand off to. She helps entrepreneurs set up systems to create, run and grow their podcasts so they go from just another overwhelming project to take on to a process driven lead generator that integrates seamlessly into their business while helping to grow their brand.   

She is also the founder of The Career Introvert where she coaches introverted women to excel in their career and business. Her main goal is to create resources that support introverts in their business and career goals. She hosts the podcast The Traveling Introvert which is a five-minute solo podcast, where she talks about running businesses, traveling and being an introvert. On top of all of that, she is also an author of two books on introversion.


Smarter Not Harder: Productivity in Podcasting

Danielle Desir is a travel finance strategist, writer and the host of ‘The Thought Card’, a travel finance podcast empowering people to make informed financial decisions - travel more, pay off debt and build wealth. She is also the founder of ‘WOC Podcasters’ (Women of Color) an inclusive community for women of color to connect, learn and share resources. WOC Podcasters has over 1,300 members from 37+ countries and it is the first community of its kind dedicated to the growth and representation of women of color in the podcasting industry.


At a time when most of the world is consumed with self-promotion and self-preservation, Teddi Rene’ Jackson is blazing trails as a motivational resource for women in transition.  


The serial entrepreneur has spent a lifetime pouring into the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of others; traits she undoubtedly inherited from her parents both of whom were serial entrepreneurs in their own right.  At a young age, Teddi Rene’ spent countless hours watching entrepreneurship in action, working alongside her parents, becoming an integral part of their success.


However, it was the untimely death of her mother that changed the trajectory of her life. Teddi Rene’ discovered purpose amongst tragedy, ultimately leading to the founding of United Kweendom, LLC. United Kweendom combines her years of expertise as a System Engineer and Strategic Planner with her desire to affect change in the lives of women of color. Her resourcefulness, attention to detail and passionate championing of women who’ve reached a crossroads in life has fostered financial, professional and personal growth amongst the United Kweendom community.


Teddi Rene’ holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Bowie State and a Master’s in Systems Engineering from the University of Maryland University College. In addition to being the founder of United Kweendom, Teddi Rene’ is also the proud owner of Paraphernalia University, author of “The Meat Locker” and the host of “The Kween Conversations Podcast.”


A proud mother of two, Teddi Rene’ is balancing life as a working professional, entrepreneur, and thought-leader as she encourages other women of color to build their “Kweendom.”

Designing and Aligning your Podcast's Visual Identity


Shawn J. Moore born in Texas, raised in Baltimore, MD, and currently residing in Atlanta, GA, Shawn Moore holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications (concentration in Public Relations) from Bowie State University and a Master of Science Degree in Management (concentration in Organizational Leadership) from Wilmington University.


Shawn is engaged in a dual career path, one that provides him with experience in student affairs/administration leadership and communications/marketing. In the student affairs field, Shawn has presented and facilitated workshops at the professional level on the topics of marketing/branding, leadership development, and sexual orientation and identity development for various organizations institutions, including the Human Rights Campaign, Iota Phi Theta® Fraternity, Inc., MACUHO New Jersey Housing Conference, and the NASAP Student Leadership Institute. Shawn also freelances as a graphic designer and creative consultant.


His design experiences include, but are not limited to, brand identity/logo design, print graphics, packaging, apparel and accessory graphics, and signage. 


He also hosts a podcast called The Mindful Rebel. The podcast highlights the intersection between Mindfulness and Leadership with interviews of entrepreneurs, educators, creatives and more to bring attention to everyday leaders in the community and focus on their success strategies in leadership journey. Shawn brings his experience of training, development, and conference/curriculum design to the Afros and Audio Team.


About that Niche

Reyna Simone Walters-Morgan is a freelance travel writer, podcaster, and occasional blogger with 34 countries (and counting) under her belt. Through her blog ​www.travelquips.com and the Travel Quips Podcast, she addresses issues affecting access to travel and provides her audience with the latest in travel trends, opinions, etiquette and advice.  She uses her platforms to eliminate travel barriers and to encourage others to live their best travel lives.  


Create Engaging Content for Your Ideal Listener & Stay Consistent

Dominique D. Wilson is the founder of Rohini Wellness, a holistic wellness company with a mission of empowering women to love themselves, lead with purpose, and live their dream. As a speaker, she helps women to empower their mindset and express themselves with confidence so that they can achieve their goals of personal freedom and fulfillment. After healing herself holistically from trauma and divorce, she set out to empower other women to do the same. That's when Rohini Wellness was born. In 2019, she launched the Yes To You Podcast—turning her mission into a movement! Specializing in communication, personal development, holistic health, online content creation, and social media marketing—Dominique has facilitated over 40 workshops for nonprofit organizations such as Strong Women, Strong Girls, and Toastmasters Leadership Institute. She is also a trauma-informed Naturopathic Reiki Master Teacher and the creator of Launch Already, a 5-week holistic business mentorship program for women. In her free time—you'll find Dominique homeschooling her sons, volunteering as a community mentor, sizzling up a new vegetarian recipe, playing her guitar, or traveling. Her motto is: “You get to choose how you show up in life. Love yourself fiercely, own your story, and say yes to your calling!”


Old heads, Headphones, and Microphones: Gen-Xers Podcasting in a Millennial Space

The “We Know How To Do This!” Podcast Team comprises creators and co-hosts Karima I. A. Bouchenafa and Juanita Jenkins (with Christopher Willis as our sound engineer). We (the co-hosts) are three Black, forty-something/Gen-X women figuring out this new “middle stage” of life, tapping into our inner wisdom, recognizing and reclaiming our own power, and chatting and laughing about everything under the sun (Chris makes sure we sound good on mic, but he also chimes in with wit and wisdom from time to time). Johanna Daye, aka "The Real Estate Link," is a real estate agent and housing counseling professional. Juanita Jenkins is a collegiate Director of Diversity. Karima Bouchenafa is an Assistant Director of a collegiate Honors Institute, and Christopher Willis is an expert photographer and former music industry professional. We’re smart, sophisticated, soul-searching, fully committed to living our best lives, and grateful to be able to share our voices in the podcast space! Tune into our show on Apple Podcasts, Buzzsprout, iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Stitcher. You can also follow us  on Facebook and Instagram (@weknohowtodothispodcast) and Twitter (@masterfulmavens).


The State of Black Podcasts: Past, Present, Future

New York Transplant Quanna is a rapper/singer born and raised in Savannah, Ga. Being exposed to street life at an early age, motivated Quanna to focus on academics and songwriting. She graduated from Clark Atlanta University and relocated to New York to pursue her career in music. Since she began rapping in 2012, the artist has released several independent projects and performed throughout the Southeast. Combining lyrics with melody and rhythm, Quanna is the perfect mix of Southern rapper and Carefree Black Girl. She is the owner of the CareFreeBlackGirl, LLC and a dedicated leader in the movement.

Aiming to be one of the most revolutionary artists of our time, Quanna incorporates lyricism and storytelling within her songs to give listeners a variety of concepts. Her hope is to inspire generations of modern thinkers through her music. Her song "Curve" has gained radio play on 94.1 the Beat (Savannah) and has helped her generate a growing buzz in the hip hop community.

Quanna has appeared in Karmaloop's Afro-style editorial and an anti-tobacco campaign for the city of Chicago. Stream her latest full length project titled QUEENIE on all streaming platforms and check out her latest music video "Sunday Service" on her Youtube channel.


Filmmaker/Content Producer and founder of D.A Media, Dallas Alexis was born in Brooklyn New York. Dallas has worked on both sides of the business TV/Film and the music industry for the past few years. He started out working on and creating creative concepts for music videos and collaborating with countless record labels, R&B, and Rap artist. Transitioning into the TV/Film business, Dallas has worked with and collaborated with several companies on creative content, such as MTV, VH-1, NBC, HBO, BRAVO and TLC to name a few. With a knack for storytelling, Dallas started to write and cultivate his own stories and scripts. Dallas has also written, directed and created over 20 short films, web series concepts, commercials, and feature films. Dallas is the creator and host of the Intellectual Property Podcast, which is now streaming on 10 different platforms.   


Gary Coichy is a Marketing Executive, Entrepreneur who specializes in Strategy & management of digital campaigns. He’s worked at the largest advertising agencies from WPP Mediacom to Omnicom PHD agencies. He’s worked with brands such as Lacoste, Verizon, New York & Company, Volkswagen, BMW, L’Oréal and Dell.

After 15 Years of leading Marketing efforts on both the agency and brand side. Gary founded Pod Digital Media – a premium Podcast agency network. Pod Digital is the first Multicultural Podcast network giving advertisers access to an audience with buying power. PDM partners with podcasters to customize and deliver tangible results to their brand partners. Within three months of launch, the company already has over a dozen advertisers that include Tidal, WeTV, BET, HBO, Showtime, Harry’s, Hint Water, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures and others.


Kiana Fitzgerald is a music journalist and DJ. A native Texan, she’s lived in New York City since 2015. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, NPR, The Fader, Complex, Bitch Media, Brooklyn Magazine, and other digital and print publications. Kiana attended Texas State University, where she received a bachelor's in journalism in 2011 and a master's in new media in 2013. Aside from writing and DJing, she’s also worked as a social media manager/strategist, podcast producer, office receptionist, and web developer.


The Market is Not Flooded

Tea with Queen and J. podcast features two womanist race nerds from the Bronx talking sh*t over tea, dismantling white supremacist patriarchal capitalism one episode at a time. Hosts Queen and J. theorize, report news & events, moderate conversations with friends, and conduct interviews, exploring race, class, gender, and sexuality through a Black womanist lens. Queen and J. have broadcasted live from Bondfire Radio Audio Fest, been featured at WNYC’s Podcast Mixtape Series, and most recently presented live at SXSW. With a commitment to increasing visibility and access for people of color in podcasting the duo created #PodinLiveNYC, the largest annual Black podcast meetup in the world, and their panel #ListenToBlackWomen: Podcasting As Black Oral Tradition was featured last year during Samsung's Yurhouse activation in Austin, Texas. In addition to their weekly podcast, Queen and J. can be seen as panelists on the Youtube series The Grapevine, and in these streets turning up responsibly.


The Art of Intervieiwng

Keisha "TK Dutes and Conscious are the hosts of long-running podcast and live morning show, TK in The AM. 

Together they co-founded online radio station, Bondfire Radio and produce talk, music, and audio dramas with and for the community. 

They also lead The Podcasters Retreat, an intimate podcast intensive that makes podcast production easy and accessible to all. 


Outside of their work together, from terrestrial radio to podcasting- TK  is an audio professional and having produced at The Brooklyn Movement Center, Buzzfeed, currently Glitch and more. 

Conscious is a multi-media artist and author focused on the intersections of wellness, audio, and visual art- in the process of cultivating unique art experiences. 

PJ Ryan is a full-time actor, writer & producer who is focused on creating safe spaces for black and brown faces to be vulnerable and authentic in every way imaginable.  PJ is a Brooklyn, NY native, a proud member of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Incorporated since Spring of 1999 and an even prouder member of the LGBTQ+ community.  He has an extensive career in community relations and customer service.   In 2017 on Juneteenth, PJ quit his survival job of 12+ years to pursue his passions and walk in his purpose in acting and writing for TV/Film to tell stories that are meant to help others.  


Since his transition into life as a full-time creative, he is the creator & Executive Producer of not just one, but three podcasts.  The award-nominated HIGHLY MELANATED PODCAST, co-hosted by himself, Ushi, Red & Blair where they have important and needed conversations about topics that can relate to many different aspects of the melanated experience.  WILLING AND WAITING PODCAST, a conversation about the journey of celibacy and sexual abstinence from a male and females perspective, co-hosted with JBTDub aka Blair.  Last but not least, THE DEAR YOU PROJECT which is a storytelling podcast centered around an anonymous “dear you” letter that is meant to showcase our ability to be vulnerable and overcome obstacles to be better human beings.


PJ is also a writer for The Lives of Men and has several TV pilot projects currently in the works.  His motto is, “Everyone has a story and every story deserves to be told from their mouths and perspectives through leading with love!”

Minista Jazz is the founder of MUCH DIFFERENT in Brooklyn, NY a live audience production experience for podcasters and content creators. Raised by a courageous visually impaired mother, Minista Jazz became a lover of sound and words.


A proud Trinidadian-American queer woman & mother, Minista Jazz has a long history in the entertainment industry spanning 20 years. From designing creations for the world's top-grossing tours to winning the Grand Prize on Oxygen Network's record-breaking reality TV show Hair Battle Spectacular, Minista Jazz has twirled at the height of success in every industry she touches.


True to her name, Jazz is a multitalented artist, storyteller, visionary leader, political strategist, and freedom warrior.  As a facilitator, Minista Jazz, is one half of the dynamic duo "Jazzy & Jeannine" who develop out of this world large group experiences called 'JuXtapose' which put fun and excitement in adult learning while sharing the necessary message of peace, love, respect for everybody. 

Ona Oghogho is the founder of Blk Pod Collective; an organization that focuses on educating, elevating and empowering podcasters of color. 
Ona’s passion for journalism & broadcasting started at Georgia State University, where she studied communication and worked at the University newspaper, television station & student programming board. Through her on-campus work, she learned the art of bringing others stories to life. 
After college she stepped away from her first love, to pursue her second passion in healthcare. In 2017 after 6+ years in healthcare management, Ona decided to tap back into her love for storytelling & thus began her journey into podcasting. 
Two years of research led her to the realization that our community was on the brink of being left in the dust by another media breakthrough; internet radio, aka podcasting. Ona’s main goal is to help podcasters of color elevate their brands to a level where they can tap into the vast advertising dollars and help the minority community position itself in a way that allows us to be showcased on major platforms.