May 25th-26th, 2019

Afros and Audio Podcast Expo is the Ultimate Listening Party exploring the contemporary audio entertainment of Black and Brown Creatives and Storytellers around the world.

With over 500+ Black and Latinx podcasts in the streaming market the medium is certain to see an upsurge in voices and visibility.

Afros & Audio will provide Creatives a prime opportunity for unique recognition, exposure and position in the world of entertainment.

Spring 2019 will bring together Black and Latinx Podcasters and Podcast enthusiasts under one roof for the first time in the history of podcasting. Together we will entertain, learn from and support one another as we explore the present day realities and lifestyles of Black and Brown Creatives through podcasting. 



Why Audio Series

For the past several years, web series have taken over and proven to be a dope opportunity for up and coming actors, writers, producers, directors, etc. to show off their talents to an audience without the help or politics of Hollywood. Unfortunately, due to market saturation a lot of great shows aren’t getting the recognition they deserve and are underrated from lack of visibility.

Major benefits for creating non fiction and fictional audio entertainment and featuring:

  • Reach a new and broader fan base

  • Link to your SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify etc. account and retain likes, shares, and followers.

  • Keep the rights to your series

  • Creative freedom

  • Cost-efficient and low maintenance production

  • Access professional services for script consulting, engineering, promotional and marketing needs

  • Gain exposure through our Afros & Audio Listening Mixers and Parties

  • Join a lit and ever growing community of passionate writers, directors, actors, engineers and producers



Why African Diaspora stories

Our stories, commentary, and perspectives are important and deserve to be heard by any means necessary.

Before television, during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, radio was the dominant entertainment medium. Needless to say Black and Brown voices were non-existent in this space because of #racism.


The mission of Afros and Audio is to connect a growing community of podcasters and podcast enthusiast together, annually. Our goal is to inspire, motivate and highlight our favorite podcasts, while introducing other creatives to the possibilities of creating and launching a successful podcast. 



Get involved

If you are interested in volunteering, sponsoring, leading a workshop, speaking, catering, being a vendor or booth exhibitor etc.  

Contact, info@afrosandaudio.com to learn how.