The Fussings: Until One of us is Dead 

Kamille & Reggie were HBCU sweethearts, married a few years after college. Now in their mid-thirties they are both at the top of their professional game.

The Fussings have been together for over 10 years and though they love and support each other Kamille’s boredom with her current life and Reggie’s carefree existence and incessant snoring makes for a contentious albeit loving home.

The majority of the Fussing’s episodes and interaction begins in the bedroom as Kamille struggles to rest while Reggie sleep’s like a log (being cut down by a buzz saw).

Reggie and Kamille’s comedic banter is relatable, endearing and loveable for a wide audience.

The Fussings is a fresh spin of #blacklove based on the 1940s series The Bickersons.




Kamille Fussing, 33, from Chicago, raised by her mother and father along with a younger brother 10 years her junior. Kamille is a financial planner, working a 9-5. Despite her success she is bored with her career.


Reggie Fussing, 35, from the DMV, raised by his mother as a single child. Reggie owns a Marketing Agency and works long days and nights to keep up with the recent upsurge in business.


Bryan Scott, 23, is the younger brother of Kamille. Bryan is a celebrity photographer, traveling the world. Kamille, Reggie and Bryan enjoy a playful but genuine relationship.


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