Nicole Walker

Sponsorship Manager

Nicole is an Award Winning Podcaster, Global Influencer, International Speaker, Podcast Coach, and Women Empowerment Advocate. Nicole attributes much of her personal & professional success to starting her podcast, WinHers United, and often talks about how podcasting “literally changed her life”. Nicole has been named a Top 50 Mom in Podcasting, a 2020 Top Influencer, and was nominated for the Excellence in Audio Media Award.

Nicole’s podcast has received numerous accolades such as being ranked among the Top 5% of podcasts worldwide, and winning the 2020 Best Black Business Podcast Award. In 2020 Nicole expanded her brand by creating and hosting the WinHers United Virtual Summit, which was an international success with over 150 registrants and 75 attendees from four countries across the globe.

Nicole is also the proud mother of two children, and when she is not podcasting or event planning she enjoys traveling, eating, and scrapbooking.