Saturday​, June 22, 2019

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Diversity Within

As the number of Black podcast creators grows to meet the demand of content for the culture, how do we acknowledge and honor the full range of our differences and cultural experiences, while allowing space for everyone? Diversity Within will explore methods for cultivating powerful relationships, rooted in connection and collaboration, expanding and elevating opportunities for creatives and professionals within the podcast industry. Join us for a full range discussion on what it means to be committed to all Black lives and voices mattering, as we share strategies for inclusiveness and diversity within our own podcast community.

11:30 AM       

Podcasting A-Z

This discussion will be an A-Z guide for new and aspiring podcast creators and professionals.  Discover what you need to know from a legal perspective, content creation, conquering start-up fears, and accomplishing your podcast goals. Panelists will share the process of how to create and market their podcasts, covering topics, such as:

  • Why podcasting works as a content platform

  • What you’ll need to create a podcast

  • How to monetize and grow your podcast

  • Submitting, hosting and launching your podcast to the right channels

  • How to record and edit your podcasts

  • Audio & Call recording software

The audience will learn to discern their negotiables and non-negotiables and how to communicate their unique brand and voice.

Ego ∞ Soul Integration: Defending Your Authentic Voice

Ya ego is interesting AF. On one hand, it will make you feel like crap or piss you off with jealous, insecure thoughts. On the flip side, it can keep people from steppin’ all over your boundaries and silencing your voice.  Where your SOUL’s mission is to harmonize and merge into Oneness, your EGO’s job is to challenge, contradict and separate your voice from the other billion people on Earth. Ego is IDENTITY.

In order to connect with your authentic self and speak from ya SOUL, your EGO needs to be developed enough to keep haters off ya back and outta ya mind while ya SOUL does its work and your authentic voice can be heard loud and clear!

Ego ∞ Soul Integration is a self-mastery workshop with Life Coach and Spiritual Advisor Alonzo “ActionMF” Jackson. Through enlightened conversation and live intervention, we'll be solving the mindset of inauthenticity for your podcast, brand, and voice -- on the spot. We’ll get to the bottom of your ego problem and get in action to get it right because your audience deserves your authentic voice, not one that simply appeals to the masses.

12:30 PM        

Lunch Break

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Connecting the Diaspora through Podcasting

Each of us has unique lived experiences and cultural perspectives that hold the key to our forward movement. In Connecting the Diaspora through Podcasting, our panel will share perspectives on telling our stories, connecting our resources, and collaborating across the globe through travel and technology. Discover ways to communicate and disseminate relevant information and opportunities that unveil cultural differences, embrace commonalities, and build communities of social change. Panelists will discuss opportunities to create diaspora inclusive platforms and ideas for a global community of podcast creators and audio / digital professionals. 

3:00 PM           

No One Hears What You Don’t Say

An opportunity to learn from successful podcasters on how to go from idea to completed episode. Attendees will learn the best tools, techniques and learn from mistakes other podcasters have made. This live, interactive question and answer forum will give podcasters new ideas, new tools and new energy to make their programs better.

Recording a Live Podcast with Remote Host

4:00 PM           

The Business of Podcasting

Podcasting is poised to grow to a six-figure component of the global media landscape by 2022. In The Business of Podcasting, our panel will discuss the podcast industry ecosystem, and how it holds the potential for economic mobility, employment opportunities, and entrepreneurial enterprises for Black creatives and audio / digital professionals. Join our panelists, as they answer your questions and share their insights on capitalizing and creating strategic and sustainable partnerships within this growing industry. Discover your legal rights, how to scale and monetize, secure brand partnerships and sponsors, negotiate rates for professional services, and what the numbers really mean when measuring success. 

5:30 PM           

Closing Remarks

6:00 PM           

Dinner Break

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Live Show

9 PM -12 AM   

After Party

*(Aspiring & Established Podcast Creator tracks)

SUNDAY​, June 23, 2019

9:00 AM         


10:00 AM       

Break Out Sessions and Panels*

12:00 PM       

Lunch Break

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Break Out Sessions and Panels*

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The State of Black Podcasts: Past, Present, Future

Podcasts are a growing, trending form of media; what do we need to know to break through ceilings, keep up with the latest technology and information, and secure the many bags left on the table? Join us, as we convene for The State of Black Podcasts, a critical discussion in critical times. Together we’ll discuss the abundant opportunities in podcasting and why we believe it’s the next major industry to build a legacy of enterprise and wealth for black creatives and professionals. We’ll explore methods to employ what we’ve learned from other industries to establish a giant-sized footprint, crushing the barriers diversity and inclusion have proven themselves to be. Our panelists, comprised of industry experts and thought leaders, will share candid views on our contributions, present realities, and our future in podcasting.  This is our movement and our moment to take the lead on our own social equality, prosperity, and future. 

4:00 PM         

Community Think Tank: What's Next?

Our post State of Black Podcast Union small group discussions where we will determine what support, connection, and collaboration looks like for us as a community. Participants will discuss their takeaways of the weekend and share innovative ideas and strategies for moving forward, building our own tables, and designing lanes that lead to prosperity and success for our community of Black podcast creators and audio / digital professionals.

5:00 PM         

Guest Speaker

6:00 PM         

Closing Remarks

*(Aspiring & Established Podcast Creator tracks)

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