Accessibility guide for in-Person Attendence

Language Access: This year, we are working with Accessible Integrated Media for all of our language and communication accessibility. ASL interpretation will be available for the Opening Ceremony, Programming, and Closing Ceremony. 

ASL interpretation will be available for sessions upon request. All virtual sessions will have automated captioning. Sessions already scheduled with access supports will be indicated on the session schedule. To request ASL interpretation for sessions, please fill out the Access Service Request Form by September 30, 2022. We will do our best to fulfill day-of requests. 

Network Gathering Accessibility: Please note that due to the diversity and range of each gathering, the accessibility of network gatherings is the responsibility of the organizers. Please contact the network gathering organizers directly to request any access. Most network gatherings will happen in-person and online.


Help Desk: Please visit the conference website to contact the help desk and chat with Afros & Audio staff and online volunteers who can support your access needs. 

Additional Online Accessibility info! 

COVID-19 Policies

Please review our COVID-19 Community Care Policies before attending any in person events. 

Summary: Masks are strongly encouraged for all in-person events hosted at Warwick Rittensquare hotel. Please note that the conference will adhere to any Philadelphia, PA city and state restrictions or regulations at the time of the event. Stay tuned for any updates to this page.

In-Person Accessibility Information


Traveling by Bus: 

Transit App: If you plan to travel to the conference events by the DDOT bus, we recommend downloading TransitApp . This will help you plan your routes with accurate, real-time information that will adjust to evening and weekend bus schedules.



Afros & Audio seeks to be a mainstay in the lives and work of Black Podcast creators and tech professionals. In our inaugural festival, we will bring together the most progressive, accomplished and innovative minds of our podcast and tech communities to ask and answer questions that will spark ideas and create tangible change.

Afros & Audio Festival will shift the conversation beyond the issues of diversity, inclusion, economical lack, and industry barriers. As a community of creatives and professionals, we will discuss real strategies that will transform the current landscape of the Podcast Industry that demands an equal playing field and builds infrastructures of sustainable resources and consistent support. 

Don’t miss out on this game-changing event

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Who Should Come Thru?

Podcast creators, industry professionals, audio/digital/tech professionals, content creators, voice actors, podcast networks, digital agencies, production companies, vendors, etc. 

If you have an established podcast, you will discover ways to generate income and connect with services and resources to increase audience engagement and market sustainability.

If you're a new or aspiring podcast creator, you will learn the basics for producing an authentic and quality podcast that will engage your targeted audience.

If you're a digital/audio/tech professional, find out the many opportunities to grow your business, skills and provide services within the podcast industry. Podcast creators are in need of talented tech professionals who can provide services that will increase sustainability and quality audio, build innovative platforms and infrastructures for data capturing, market growth, etc. 

If you're a fan of podcasts you'll discover new ones, meet the people behind your favorite podcasts and leave with a new community. 

What Will You Experience?


Skill building, workshops, live entertainment, food and beverage, networking, and so much more.

What do you have to bring? Yourself, your people, your strategic and creative mind, love, joy, connection, and an open mind.


Afros and Audio Podcast Festival is being hosted by our partners The Event Company



For 2019, we are bringing our fave podcast creators, relevant vendors, amazing industry professionals, and more from all over the world! Check out some of the highlights below:


What's happening in 2019 in the world of podcasting? You'll learn about current trends, what listeners want, the latest in podcast technology, and what to know as podcasters in 2019/ 2020.


Learn great strategies to promote, market, and grow your podcast. We'll talk about SEO for podcasters, Social Media promotions, Paid Advertising, and other techniques top podcasters use to build their audience, secure big-name interviews, and attract sponsorships.


We'll demistify the "secrets" behind successful podcasts so that you can create content your listeners will love. You'll understand different podcast formats, show structure, and audience engagement techniques top broadcasters and podcasters use.


Listeners can tell the difference between amateur and professional audio quality and production value. Your podcast can sound professional with a few simple production techniques. You'll learn EQ best practices, editing tips, and much more!


You'll hear from veteran podcasters on different ways to monetize your show. From earning sponsorships, advertisers, affiliates, donations, etc.


Ever want to meet your favorite podcasters or be in a room full of people who look like you and want to talk all things podcast? You'll have plenty of opportunities to make lasting connections throughout the weekend.


"How-To" intensive sessions on everything you need to know to start a podcast. From selecting a microphone to editing/production tips and tricks, and more. You'll know everything you need to get started!


Your voice is your main podcasting tool; we'll talk about how to use it to create a relationship with your listeners. Learn how to outline, structure, and deliver your show so it sounds great and keeps listener's tuning in for every episode.


will bring together:



Audio/Digital Professionals









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